Free Ganja - Tribute to Rico Rodriguez (September 7th 2015)


Cuban born, Jamaican, Musician and Rastaman, Rico Rodriguez learned to play trombone as a disciple of Don Drummond at the Alpha Boys School, Kingston, Jamaica. His great contribution to music was recognized by the Institute of Jamaica in 2012, when Rico was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal. The tune Free Ganja, broadcasted on Groove'n Arrels, was taken from the album Roots To The Bone, a reedited version of Rico’s early album Man from Wareika. The music is inspired by the time Rico spent with the Rastafari drummer Count Ossie in the Wareika Hills, above Rockfort in Kingston. The Wareika sessions would greatly influence Rico in terms of social awareness. Rico was a Freedom Fighter, and his music was his message. It message lives on.

Groove’n Arrels ( is proud to broadcast Rico’s sound.


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