Music Lives On, Freedom Wins - Part II


The last part of Groove’n Arrels tribute to the victims of the islamic state tyranny is now being broadcasted. This third collection of tunes includes the sounds of:

- Hawa, Abdullah (Afghanistan)
- Koudédé, Lakal Kaney, Sahelsounds (Music from Saharan cell phones)
- Tarek Malas, Mahfouz Al Hosaini, Nabil Khaiat, Hadi Backdonas, and Jonas Hellborg play songs from Aram of the Two Rivers, recorded in Syria
Dhafer Youssef (page officielle)Ibrahim Maalouf (Tunisia)
- Rasha, Alsarah & The Nubatones, Dinka People of Abyei (Sudan)
- Hossam Ramzy (Egypt)
- Egid e Cimo (Kurdish Folk)

In particular our playlist incorporates a selection of song from Sahel Sounds' discography project “Music from Saharan cell phones”. This great project gathered music from the “cell phone network” in North Mali desert region, where islamic extremists are forbidding non koranic music on cell phones. Enjoy on


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