NES: Première on Groove'n Arrels


Yesterday night, we had the chance to enjoy the wonderful sound of NES ( at the Jamboree Jazz, Barcelona, with:

Nesrine Belmokh: vocals and cello, 
Matthieu Saglio [oficial]: cello and sampler, 
David Gadea: percussion.

Sometimes World, sometimes Jazz, sometimes Funk, the music of NES has the the beauty of human beings: wonderfully complex and simple at the same time, wonderfully surprising.

We are looking forward to listen to the first full album of the band. In the meantime, we are happy to broadcast the songs Ahlam, Bye Bye, and HappyNES from the demo album that NES is currently distributing. We hope you will enjoy this sound at least as much as we do!

NES on Youtube:


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