Oceanic Suite: The debut album of Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Mystic Jazz on Groove'n Arrels!


We are delighted to broadcast on www.groovenarrels.org a piece of work ofAtlantis Jazz Ensemble, a jazz band formed by Pierre Chrétien and Zakari Frantz from The Souljazz Orchestra. The selected tunes, i.e. Pilars of Hercules, Yemaya, Leviathan, Ebb and Flow, and Blue Nile were taken from the band's debut album, Oceanic Suite. The sound is refined, highly dynamic, and mystic. A pleasure for the hears, a travel for the soul...

Ed Lister, trumpet 
Zakari Frantz, alto saxophone
Pierre Chrétien, electric piano
Alex Bilodeau, double bass 
Mike Essoudry, drums

We are grateful to Marlow Records for sharing this music with us.



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