Burning Spear - Lion: Remember Cecil


“Mamaaaaaaa, call Brotheeeeer to tell Papaaaa, who is in the jungle... Don't kill a Lion, don't kill a Lion, don't Kill him.”

This song, Lion, from Burning Spear is broadcasted on www.groovenarrels.org and is dedicated to the memory of the Lion Cecil, wildly assassinated by Walter Palmer who thought that money allows you disrespecting Life. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Among many others, we shall remember Juan Carlos, former monarch of Spain, as an African animal slayer.

Winston Rodney, aka Burning Spear, English translation of the name “Jomo” of the father of Kenya’s independence, is the author of this song, Lion, from the album Man in the Hills. Rastaman and follower of Marcus Garvey’s teaching, Burning Spear has collaborated with Coxsone Dodd, Jack Rubby, and Island Records. He eventually set up Burning Music, his own label and production company, achieving the best way to deliver is message through music. Man in the Hills is one of the last productions of Burning Spear’s with the label Island Records, with Jack Ruby as a producer.


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