Special Broadcast Update - La Panchita Records!


Special broadcast update featuring the great sounds recorded atLaPanchita Records, in Barcelona!

Groove'n Arrels is happy to broadcast two hours of positive vibes recorded at LaPanchita, Barcelona. The broadcast includes the Disobey and Zero Stress Riddims from Rebelmadiaq Sound, great Dub versions from chalart58, and features the following artists:

Lasai and Chalart58 (Cyaan Stop This)
Sr. Wilson (Hard Work, Rise and Chine, No Stress)
Yeyo Perez Mad City (No Stress)
Leon Demaria (Planet in Danger, Vision, Karamawi, Betta Life, Living Irie)
Adala (Il.legal, Mediterranean Sea, Temps de Guerra, November)
Alex Bass Official (Rise and Chine, Mediterranean Sea)
KYNE (November)
Macka B (System No Nice)
Bcn Ska-Jazz Orquestra (Swingo, Cantaloupe Island, Malcolm X, Buttah)
ZZBU (Say Run, Doctor Music, As If We Were Soldiers)
- Angelica Roots (Doctor Music)
Brother Wildman (Money)
Raggattack (No Sexual Aggression)
George Palmer (No Sexual Aggression, Praises To The Most High)
Joseph Cotton (Original Copy)
Irie Souljah (Jah Guide)
- Shuga (Mr Poverty)
Kazam Davis and Infinite (Free Yourself Up)

Barcelona is on Fire, check that sound! www.groovenarrels.org


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